Living Life To The Full

Living Life to the Full is a stress management course which aims to give participants the tools they need to be happier, sleep better, do more and feel more confident.

Living Life to the Full is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based course that will help create a happier; healthier and more assertive you. During the course you will gain skills to help alter your thinking, enabling you to become more positive and take control of decisions and live your life to the full.


Participants must be of working age and not currently in education or employment. They must also meet other specific entry requirements (contact us for details).


Courses run throughout the year.


Participants learn a range of coping strategies and life skills. They can also achieve a completion certificate.


The course is delivered at 156 Cowgate in Edinburgh, and in venues throughout Mid- and East Lothian.

North Lanarkshire
East Lothian
South Lanarkshire

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