PAGE 2 Art Walk Projects: Eco-Art Science Workshops


A series of eight weekly photographic workshops that will provide direct engagement with the environment and coastline of Edinburgh’s iconic Portobello, centring on ecological ways to develop film and science-based photography.

The course will engage with Rosy Naylor (curator and founded of Art Walk Projects), Scott Hunter (local artist exploring environmental issues through photography), and Keira Tucker (manager of Ascus Art & Science).

The course will include photo-walks and lab visits, to result in a portfolio of images being created by each participant, to hopefully be displayed in exhibition.


Open to current Access to Industry students and those who meet the eligibility criteria for one of Access to Industry’s projects. If you are interested, contact us or speak to your Caseworker for more details.


The course runs one day a week over an eight week period. Future dates TBC.


Aims to encourage direct and creative engagement with one's environment, while improving student wellbeing and reducing isolation.


Delivered in person, on various trips in and around Portobello, plus lab and editing sessions.