Passport Addiewell

The Passport Addiewell project offers support to offenders in HMP Addiewell, helping them to develop the skills they need to make a successful transition back into the community. The project is delivered in partnership with prison staff and other third sector service bodies.

In prison, each participant works one-to-one with a caseworker to talk about the difficulties they face and to set personal development goals. They then work with their caseworker to achieve these objectives. This is done through education, skills development and other targeted projects.

On release, participants continue to be supported and are helped as they pursue their education and employment aims. Where necessary, participants are given mentoring in areas such as relationships, housing and personal development to ensure they are able to progress.


Passport Addiewell supports adult offenders in HMP Addiewell who, on liberation, will be returning to live in North Lanarkshire.


The project works with participants for a minimum of six months before they are due to be released. This provides enough time for each individual to fully benefit from the project’s support. On release individuals are supported for a minimum of a year.


The project helps those who have been through the prison system integrate back into their communities and move on with their lives. It provides opportunities for college visits, links to key support services, advice and information and access to college courses, volunteering placements and funding support.


Passport Addiewell is delivered at HMP Addiewell. After a participant is released from custody, support is delivered in the community in North Lanarkshire.

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