A Joined-up Working Success Story

Over the years Passport has been developing closer working relationships with SEBD schools with a view to providing more intensive support to care leavers in these schools.

Panmure St Ann’s has brought their Leavers Group for an information session at Passport on two occasions; both visits have resulted in referrals to the Passport service.

Following the information session in March 2013, J was referred to Passport. She was on a supervision requirement due non-attendance at high school. She had experienced bullying there and had asked to be referred to Panmure St Ann’s School.

She excelled in their Leavers Group having almost 100% attendance. Her dream career was childcare but she was very shy around people and had little work experience. Panmure School arranged a work placement at her old primary and nursery school which she really enjoyed and which boosted her confidence.

After a couple of appointments J’s Passport caseworker saw an advert for a nursery apprenticeship and helped her to put together her CV and apply. Shortly after, another two childcare vacancies were advertised and J was supported by Passport to apply for these. The Passport caseworker contacted Panmure on a weekly basis with updates and vice versa.

J received interview preparation from Passport and Panmure. Within the space of two weeks she was invited to attend two job interviews and one work-trial day. She was offered two jobs and accepted one. This case study demonstrates the importance and benefits of joined-up working.

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