Case Study – Donnie

Donnie initially began working with Access to Industry after being referred to the Service by his mum’s social worker. A turbulent home life, confidence issues, and poor mental health had left him in what he referred to as “a bad place in life”.

Donnie commented: “I want to get my life back together”, and so he began working closely with Access to Industry’s EdinMe Service team to achieve this. Together with his Caseworker, Donnie set goals to aim towards. With the help and support of EdinMe, Donnie was able to obtain his Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) qualification, get into work on a gardening/landscaping placement, and reduce his cannabis use.

When Donnie was affected by a family member falling ill, EdinMe was also there to provide emotional support. Donnie had made great progress, but commented that: “I feel like I need a worker in my life, someone to help me get by.”

I feel like I need a worker in my life, someone to help me get by.

Working at a non-time limited pace, responsive to the individual’s needs, an EdinMe Caseworker remains attached to Donnie, and he often turns to them for an objective opinion when he is struggling between two paths.

His hopes for the future are that EdinMe will support him with getting taken on at his job permanently. However, his ultimate goal is for them to assist him with his housing application so that he can become fully independent and move in with his girlfriend.

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