Case Study – John

My name is John Williamson and I’m writing this to help both Access to Industry and the people who use the Service there.

I needed help for mental health and alcohol problems, for which I attended group and face-to-face meetings at Turning Point over the course of approximately two years. It was through my case worker there that I heard of Access to Industry.

I was initially apprehensive about going, but, with continued encouragement, I went and I am so grateful that I did. Access to Industry helped me first of all by listening to me about the problems that I had had, and also which I still currently faced, and this put me at ease. The help I received was outstanding, which spurred me on to start new things – I felt good within myself, which in turn made me want to go on and do my very best and begin to learn new skills.

The help I received was outstanding, which spurred me on to start new things…
John Williamson

The educational aspect is second to none. There’s so much on offer! I had no qualifications because I didn’t give a hoot when I was younger about school and my education. I was thrown out of school at the age of thirteen after being at two high schools, then put into care for bad behaviour until I was sixteen. But I’m now 57 years old and learning things.

The courses that I participated in were online mostly, but with tutorial presence on hand – this really helped with Computing. From there I went on to do SVQs in Communications, Wellbeing, Local Investigation, and – my proudest achievement so far – a Diploma in Cultural Events! My hopes for the future are to be happy and carefree.

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