Case Study – Rose

Rose was with Access to Industry, across the Services, for over six years. She first heard about us through a substance use programme and, after a big relapse stopped her working, she accessed our help.

The support was invaluable to setting her on a better path: “It got me out and meeting people and helped with getting a routine into my week – I really needed to get some kind of routine.”

Along the way, Rose has completed many of our Courses and groups – including IT; Mental Health and Wellbeing; Access Photography; and Social Issues and Communications – receiving her first formal certificates and qualifications. In her words: ‘it was great to be acknowledged with certificates – all I had before was an ‘A’ in non attendance!”.

The opposite of addiction is connection. You need to connect with other people…

The educational aspect of her time with Access to Industry gave her the structure that she needed for working life, as well as new skills she could put to use. She started volunteering, and then applied for a part-time role with Children 1st during lockdown, which quickly became full-time. She works as a Peer Support Worker with parents who have been, or are, involved in substance use.

Rose’s background and experience allows her to connect with people at different stages of their recovery. She comments: “the opposite of addiction is connection. You need to connect with other people – I can relate and share my experiences with the parents I support.” Rose now regularly refers parents to Access to Industry to further their journey.

More information on some of the Courses that Rose completed can be found here.

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