Introduction to Data Science


Access Data and Edinburgh College course to help equip attendees with vital skills that are becoming increasingly in demand with employers, in education, and as a part of our everyday lives.

The field of Data Science combines digital and data skills, specific knowledge about a particular topic or subject area, and numeracy skills to extract insights and knowledge from data. The ability to identify the problem to solve, the correct data to use, carry out the analysis and then implement the outcome requires the three above mentioned areas to be brought together.

Data Science is becoming an essential part of how we live, learn and work. It is all about how we turn those insights extracted from data into actions. Many people are keen to learn more and understand this topic, and employers are seeking applicants with experience of Data Science. Using the knowledge and skills from this course will help you to develop in your current or future job role.

To apply, fill out the below application form. For more information, please see the attached info-pack.
Introduction to Data Science (Level 4) 2024 Info-Pack


Participants should have experience of using MS Excel at least on a basic level (e.g. for data input, creating very simple graphs and charts, or using very simple formulas). Some very basic knowledge in the subject of data and related terminology would also be advantageous.

Our tutors are dedicated to making the course as accessible as possible for students whose first language is not English. However, all participants should be comfortable studying in English with no additional language support. No formal certification is required but language skills will be assessed during a course interview.

Access Data eligibility criteria apply.


The course usually runs one half day a week over an 18-week period. Current dates: 29 January 2024-24 June 2024. Recruitment opens May 2024 for August 2024 intake.


The aim of this course is to equip participants with digital and data skills essential for life, education and work.


Delivered in person in our Community College (156 Cowgate, EH1 1RP).

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