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Want to learn some new skills and achieve a few qualifications?  Then a good starting point is to try the Contemporary Issues and Local Investigation courses on a Thursday morning.  At the same time you can also work towards a Communication qualification at Level 5. 

The attraction of both these courses is that you choose the subject you would like to research and you direct your own learning.

Contemporary Issues 

This course is aimed at the student who has an enquiring mind and it takes them on a voyage of discovery.  Contemporary Issues allows the student to uncover facts and information on a topic that is of interest to them.  In the past students have successfully completed this course and looked at topics such as Animal Cruelty, the Victorian Poorhouse, Euthanasia, Abortion, Fracking, Empowerment through Education, Ethics of Future Technology and the Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook. 

 Local Investigations 

Another course available is Local Investigation.  This is an exciting opportunity for the student to uncover either aspects of the past, an area of historical interest or people from the past.  Students who have completed this course have studied the Dark Side of Edinburgh, Bodysnatching, characters from the past like Burke & Hare, Deacon Brodie and Dr Miranda Barry – an 18th century Edinburgh doctor who was charading as a male.   

The challenge is to find a little known piece of the past and discover more – forget Mary, Queen of Scots and the Battle of Culloden and find something to interest and intrigue YOU! 


Participants must be of working age and not currently in education or employment. They must also meet other specific entry requirements (contact us for details).


Thursdays, 10am-11am.



A limited number of people may attend class in person at the Cowgate, while others may be able to work remotely. Contact us if you're interested.

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