Five Qs with – Access to Mechanics student, Kevin

Our popular Access to Mechanics course for young people will return in February 2024. Here we speak to student, Kevin, on why the course appealed to him and about his hopes for the future…

Tell us a little about you?
My name is Kevin and I applied for the Access to Mechanics course after my caseworker at Access to Industry told me about it. I struggle with writing, so the fact that the course focused more on the practical worked very well for me.

What drew you to the Access to Mechanics course?
I have always had an interest in mechanics as a hobby in my spare time, and when I eventually start to drive it means I can look after my own car. It also ties in well with trying to get my licence, which my caseworker is helping me toward.

How do you rate Access to Industry’s courses and training options?
Access to Industry has many different courses I have been on. All of them are aimed towards people my age and have helped me add to my CV and experience.

Tell us a piece of random mechanics knowledge that we might not know?
All engines have pistons, but not all pistons are positioned in the same way. You can have ‘incline, v-engine, horizontal, w-engine, vr-engine and radial’ with any number between 4-12 pistons.

What are your hopes for the future?
The Access to Mechanics course has helped me when applying for jobs in the sector. I am looking towards a career in mechanics and the course offers a guaranteed interview.

Learn more about Access to Mechanics here.

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