New Advocacy Worker providing vital support

AI has received funding from the Scottish Government’s National Development Plan for a new Advocacy Worker. The post was taken up by Claire Grehan in April, 2019. Claire is now offering 1:1 support to people living with or affected by alcohol and substance misuse across Mid and East Lothian.

So far, Claire has been working with clients through the recovery cafes and drop-in services in Musselburgh and Dalkeith. She has also been getting referrals from partnership agencies.

“It is essential that clients are given support with things like benefits and housing issues so that they can concentrate on their recovery,” Claire says. “By providing this kind of support I aim to help people sustain their engagement in the recovery process and improve their progress.”

Claire will work with AI partnerships as well as other agencies in the community. She will develop support groups in more rural areas, helping to reduce social isolation and to improve the recovery resources that are available.

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