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Access Data supports Edinburgh parents in gaining or improving knowledge and skills related to the world of data, preparing them for the demands of the contemporary job market. Tailored to the individual needs of parents, the project is made both for those with no previous interest in data, as well as those who already possess some knowledge and skills. We aim to help parents overcome any challenges they might be facing to move into employment or progress in their current job. 

We offer: 

  • Info Sessions: A chance to learn more about the project and get answers to any questions about it. These are currently delivered on demand. To arrange a session (either 1:1 or in a small group), please contact us here. Please include the information that you’re looking to arrange an Access Data info session.
  • Taster Sessions: A chance to explore the world of data presented in plain English and through real-life examples. Please visit us in January 2022 to find out about the next session.
  • 1:1 tailored support on every step of the way
  • Basic Digital Skills Training 
  • Access Data courses delivered by Edinburgh College lecturers
  • Support into and during other suitable courses 
  • Employability Skills Training 


Our project is for parents, or those with parental responsibilities, living in the City
of Edinburgh, who are either unemployed
or on low income, and find themselves in
one or more of the groups listed below:
- They are disabled or have a disabled child
- They are from a minority ethnic background
- They are a lone parent
- They have 3 or more children
- They have a child below 1 year of age
- They are below 25 years of age


Access Data is not time limited, as we understand that our participants might face complex challenges and we work around their changing needs.


Access Data offers the opportunity for participants to gain skills and knowledge that will enable them to make progress in education, further training or employment.


Due to current circumstances, Access Data is delivered in a blended model - we are happy to meet our clients remotely (via phone and online sessions through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or other tool preferred by individual participants) but now we are also able to arrange face-to-face appointments in our Community College in 156 Cowgate. The service might also be delivered in outreach locations to enable people who are not yet ready to attend the Community College to start their Access Data journey.

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