Access Recovery Dundee


Access Recovery Dundee provides one-to-one support to people in recovery, alongside skills-based and wellbeing activities, to support them in their journey towards education and employment.

The Service offers support with progression into learning, training, continued education and employment, working with various partner organisations to provide the best support we can with regards to the individuals’ recovery and wellbeing.  

Holistic support helps address any emerging challenges to sustaining recovery. Access to Industry recognises the importance of a holistic approach in helping people achieve their goals.

Access Recovery Dundee is funded by the Scottish Government Improvement Fund to support people into sustained recovery.


Individuals over the age of 18 who are in recovery from addiction and struggle with multiple barriers to entering employment, training and education.


We support individuals on a long-term basis, not restricted by time. Once an individual reaches their goals they can still be supported by us for as long as they wish.


Access Recovery Dundee provides a range of supported learning and development opportunities which allows individuals working with us to grow and develop their skills and attributes in a positive way, aiding individuals with their recovery.


The Service is delivered on an outreach basis in all communities across Dundee City, meeting individuals in locations that are comfortable for them. We also deliver services from Friarfield House and Lochee Community Hub.

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