Edinburgh Youth Services

The Edinburgh Youth Services programme works with young people across the capital who have complex needs. It provides education, training and employability support to help them gain confidence and move forward with their lives.

Caseworkers provide participants with one-to-one intensive support, motivation and encouragement. Participants are also helped to develop and implement a personal development action plan and group work programmes. This develops skills they need to progress into education, training or employment.

Participants are signposted to specialist support services and given the assistance they need to attend appointments. They are provided with budgeting advice and help with finances.


The service works with young unemployed people who are at risk of substance misuse, in recovery from substance misuse, at risk of offending, on statutory orders while in the community and affected by homelessness or housing issues.


Services are delivered throughout the year. Young people can be seen daily, weekly or bi-weekly depending on need.


This programme provides young people who are facing challenging circumstances with a firm foundation on which they can re-build their lives. Participants can progress through this programme on to supported access courses and into employment or further training.


The project works across Edinburgh, using an outreach approach. Support sessions take place in familiar, safe and secure locations that have been selected in consultation with participants.

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