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Passport CashBack is a National Service providing support for young people in custody prior to liberation, and on a community outreach basis, that increases their employability skills. Our Caseworkers cover the Central Belt, Renfrewshire and Tayside. We work in partnership across all areas to ensure our young people leaving custody have access to the appropriate employability support.

We work with young people residing within HMP and YOI Polmont, offering skills training whilst the young people are in custody. We support all young people being liberated into further education, training and employability. We also offer support to young people serving community sentences and diversion.

Within the communities that we work in we have designated Caseworkers, who will work with the young people in order to achieve an Action Plan that reflects their interests and aptitudes. Caseworkers will encourage the uptake of other appropriate activity and designated services to best ensure the widest support. The Caseworker will arrange and deliver skills training; make links with employers; encourage employer involvement; and help individuals access opportunities and manage disclosure of convictions.

Passport CashBack requires to have a Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment. You can find our CRWIA and guidance around the CRWIA here.

The Scottish Governement’s Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment guidance is here.

You can view our year two External Evaluation Report here.


The Service is offered to all young people serving a sentence (including community sentences and diversion) in the Central Belt, Renfrewshire and Tayside. Passport CashBack as a whole has a national remit.


The Service is delivered within HMP and YOI Polmont, and also within the community.


The Service helps those who have been through the prison system, or with experience of a community sentence or diversion, to move on with their lives. Thanks to links made through the programme, many participants gain employment soon after they leave prison.


This Service is delivered by Access to Industry Caseworkers in HMP and YOI Polmont and across communities in Scotland.

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