Case Study – Anonymous

I was forced to give up work in early 2018, after a serious physical health issue which almost resulted in life-changing major surgery. This was combined with, and exacerbated by, mental health issues which I had been dealing with for years.

I had not engaged with health professionals on these issues, precisely because of the mental health problems. I preferred to shut myself away and self-treat with an excess of alcohol and non-prescription painkillers. This was whilst holding down a full-time job in frontline retail, which itself was impacting on my mental health.

Initially, I was introduced to Access to Industry by my Enable Scotland advisor, after suggesting that I needed to formally brush up on my IT skills. I was told about their Access Data service. They supported me in completing several Data courses.

Access to Industry have helped me make the biggest strides towards my current life goals.

My study has expanded into more advanced areas of Data Science and Data Citizenship. I was also afforded the chance to volunteer on a Wikipedia editing project, run by the University of Edinburgh. Not only does it provide a little more structure in my life, but it helps in getting used to a modern office environment. I look forward to continuing in a new role as Mentor to new volunteers, and eventually in the Library Digitisation part of the project.

I have engaged with other bodies previously, at the suggestion of the DWP, with a view to improving my chances of re-entering the workplace, but it has been Access to Industry who have provided me with the key elements which, I feel, have helped me make the biggest strides towards my current life goals.

As a middle-aged male, formerly suffering from chronic health issues, and still suffering from a couple of minor issues which require ongoing management, I hope to find full-time work which suits me physically and is more in tune with where I am in terms of mental health. Something I could settle into, and remain in, heading towards retirement, would be my ideal goal.

More information on our Access Data service can be found here.

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