Case Study – Kai

Kai first engaged with Access to Industry when he accessed the help of our EdinMe youth service and joined the Living Life To The Full short course, run in cooperation with Rock Trust, aimed at helping improve mental health and wellbeing.

In Kai’s words: “before engaging with Access to Industry, I felt like I had sticky keys, or blank page syndrome. I had no direction or goal in mind.” He identified that as a starting point he was keen to improve his confidence and boost his wellbeing, which is where the course came in.

Through the course, and 1:1 contact with a supportive Caseworker, Kai describes: “I can better proceed with goals and directions, because I am in contact with good and supportive people (such as my Caseworker).” He describes how this support allowed him to “re-engage with myself”, giving him confidence and energy to progress.

I can better proceed with goals and directions…

This newfound confidence and energy taught him “how to show up for myself and others, in small and big ways.” His hopes for the future are to stay engaged with Access to Industry, explore other wellbeing courses, and to make further progress regarding employment, relationships and sense of self.

More information on our EdinMe service can be found here.

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