Personal Data Protection – Access Data Taster in June

Access to Industry would like to invite parents eligible for our Access Data programme to an Online Taster Session titled “Personal Data Protection.”


About the workshop:

Nowadays our computers, phones, and tablets are filled with personal data – but how can we keep that sensitive information out of the wrong hands? In this workshop, you’ll learn about the most common cyber security attacks, but more importantly how to take steps to protect yourself. You’ll see live demonstrations of attacks and learn how to spot them. These tips will help you feel more confident about using a computer safely, but most importantly the steps you can take to protect the data you hold. No technical knowledge is required.


Learning outcomes:

  • Practical Exercise: Has your personal data been stolen?
  • Storing your personal data securely (on laptops, mobiles, storage devices)
  • Sharing your personal data securely (secure connection, secure messaging apps)
  • Protecting your personal data.


The session will take place on Thursday, 24 June 2021, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm. Our taster sessions are aimed at those eligible for the Access Data project (see below).


How to register:

Parents can register for our workshops via Eventbrite – to do so, please click here. The number of spaces is limited and they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

In case of any trouble registering via Eventbrite, please send an email to – we are happy to assist.

Who can register:  

Access Data is made for parents, or those with parental responsibilities, living in the City of Edinburgh, who are either unemployed or on a low income, and find themselves in one or more of the groups listed below:

  • They are disabled or have a disabled child
  • They are from a minority ethnic background
  • They are a lone parent
  • They have 3 or more children
  • They have a child below 1 year of age
  • They are below 25 years of age

To learn more about Access Data, please visit the project’s page here.

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